Digidoor III                            
Technical Features
  • 24 Vdc Motor with integrated gearbox
  • Mains/Battery: 230Vac with 24V battery backup.
  • Microprocessor- based controller
  • Feature Selection: features are link-selected.
  • SuperHet digiEkey receiver on-board with KeeLoq security
  • Adjustable obstacle sensing
  • Status Indicator
  • Audible alert
  • Adjustable open-position stop
  • Wall console with Open/Close, light control and lock switch
  • Supports most types of safety beams
  • ‘Endless Loop’ chain-drive system
  • Courtesy security light, 60-watt
  • Auto-close mode
  • Self-setting limits
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Straight forward assembly
  • Conventional installation
  • Simple coding of ekey remotes via the wall console
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Aluminum drive section
  • Quiet operation
  • Fast operation (16 seconds to open or close a standard)
  • Safety beam socket
  • Operates standard sectional, tip-up & roll-up doors
  • 700N Operating force (lifting capacity)
Technical Features
  • 24 Volt DC Motor. The digidoor III ac/dc is driven by a 24 volt dc motor, continuously rated.
  • Rugged Drive system. The motor drives through an integrated gearbox to a chain drive system.
  • Controller. The controller is microprocessor based, with a power-supply capable of powering external receivers and/or safety beams.
  • Limits. The limits of the door travel are automatically set during installation.
  • On-board receiver. The digiEkey SuperHet receiver is implemented on the control board, featuring the KeeLoq secure code system.
  • Obstacle Sensing. Adjustable obstacle sensing is implemented in software.
  • Wall console. The console eliminates the time-consuming wiring. It has buttons for control, light and lock. Adding extra remotes via the console is easy.
  • Courtesy lamp. Making it easy to exit the garage once the car headlights have been turned off. Both versions of the 60-watt lamp may be used.

Technical Benefits
  • Simple assembly. The Power-head is simply and easily secured to the drive strut.
  • Ease of installation. Mounting the digidoor III is conventional for sectional, tip-up and roll-up doors.
  • Easy Set-up. The limits are automatically learnt during set-up, and operating force/obstacle sensing is adjusted by means of a trimmer.
  • Ease of maintenance. The digidoor III is very low maintenance, requiring light lubrication of the drive system after 1 ˝ to 2 years of service.
  • Quiet operation. The digidoor III moves the door smoothly and quietly.
  • Fast operation. Typically, the digidoor III opens or closes a standard door in 17 seconds.
  • Supports most types of safety beams. Safety beams may be simply wired into the digidoor III.
  • Adding Remote controls. In addition to the normal ‘Operate’, ‘Light’ and ‘Lock’ functions, the addition of extra remotes to operate the machine is easily done via the wall console.